Creation Curriculum LLC provides educational materials from a Biblical Creation perspective including:

Unraveling the origins Controversy answers many of the most challenging questions in the origins debate.  Scientist and author, Dr. David A. DeWitt clears up confusion about creation and evolution by distinguishing between fact and interpretation.  He exposes the underlying assumptions of both sides from a consistent, Biblical worldview.  Using scientific, evidence and Scripture, he presents a positive, compelling case for a creation perspective.

The History of Life Course ePack ISBN# 978-0-9796323-4-1 includes the eBook, online lectures, videos and worldview assessments for Liberty University's CRST 290 online course. If you need to purchase the History of Life Course ePack, it is  available with FREE SHIPPING by USPS Priority mail through New Life Christian Stores (434-610-7170).
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Our mission is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through educating individuals of all ages about the evidence for creation.  We believe that God made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that is in them in the time and manner specified in Genesis:  by His Word in six normal, solar days.  We also believe that God made the first man, Adam, directly from the dust of the ground and not through an evolutionary process.  We also believe that science, rightly interpreted will be consistent with the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

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