The History of Life Course ePack  ISBN# 978-0-9796323-4-1 includes the Unraveling the Origins Controversy eBook, online lectures, videos and online worldview assessments for Liberty University's CRST 290 online course.

The cost is $98 with free shipping by USPS priority mail if you order from New Life Christian Stores by calling 434-610-7170.  It can also be ordered from MBS Direct or Liberty University Barnes & Noble.  Do not order from others such as Amazon because the PINcode may already be used.

Instructions for using your PIN code to access electronic materials are here.

Please note that the History of Life Course ePack comes with a one time online activation code that is valid for one student for one term.  If you drop the course, or need access for an additional term, you must email us at prior to the end of the active term.  Terms remain active for 2 weeks after the official end date.

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History of Life Course ePack Description